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DIY: Gold Bow Earrings

DIY: Gold Bow Earrings


On the eleventh day of Craftsmas our DIY will be:

  • festive gold bow earrings,

  • winter wear a-blingin’ (here!),

  • a no-sew bun headband (here!),

  • knit wire earrings (here!),

  • serving spoons a-beaded (here!),

  • tassled throws a-tasslin’ (here!),


  • crocheted baskets basking (here!),

  • floral hoops (here!),

  • gold feather earrings (here!), and

  • a warm, chunky arm-knit blankie (here!)

So my sweet friend Anna special requested that I DIY these completely adorable Bauble Bar Santa earrings for one of the 12 days of Christmas.


Hey Anna- here’s your DIY:

  1. Go buy them online.

  2. The end.

I tried. I tried so hard. I tried so long. I tried until I dumped an entire canister of tiny, bouncy white beads all over my kitchen and then I stopped trying. Sorry, Anna. This little onion is a sad onion to have let you down. Please accept this IOU for one pair of Santa earrings… which are now out of stock. And completely unavailable.

May I offer you in exchange a DIFFERENT Bauble Bar holiday earring DIY?


You’ll need:


  1. Remove paper from back of bow.

  2. Slide bow onto earring hook.

Confused? Here’s a video.

You can also make these as just regular studs- just glue the posts onto the back of the bow! Aren’t these fun and festive for a holiday party, and/or for reminding everyone in your life that you are a gift?

The best meme so far this holiday season.

The best meme so far this holiday season.

Toodles! tlo

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