I'm Lindsey: petroleum engineer, wife to the sweetest college sweetheart, and mom to 2 energetic boys by day, little onion by night. And on the weekend. And occasionally during nap time.

I believe that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I believe that it's fun to be different. I believe that being genuinely, quirkily yourself looks good on everybody. And I believe that the world misses out when people put themselves in boxes or take themselves too seriously.

This space is dedicated to the things that make my little onion heart sing: crafting, traveling, thrifting, home renovation and design, and anything else I can find a way to DIY or otherwise pursue thriftily.

Disclaimer I work full time and have 2 pre-schoolers. My projects aren't perfect and my photos are mostly taken on my kitchen island aren't beautifully staged. My posts aren't polished and some probably contain typos... but let's just agree that's kind of the beauty of it. My only goal is to encourage the DIY spirit in others, and hopefully bring a little smile to your face in the process. Thanks for stopping by!

What's with the name? Glad you asked! 'Little Onion' is a name that was given to me by a co-worker years ago when she thought I was being too bossy (specifically, "chop chop, little onion!"). It was in no way meant to be a compliment, but my very loving and supportive husband thought it was hilarious and it promptly became my nick name at home. At this point I'm just embracing it... because like I always say: "it's not bad to be bossy when you're the boss." ;)

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