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DIY: Pom Pom Garland

DIY: Pom Pom Garland


On the fifth day of Craftsmas our DIY will be:


  • crocheted baskets basking (here!),

  • flowering hoops a-hanging (here!),

  • gold feather earrings (here!), and

  • a warm, chunky arm-knit blankie (here!)

Name one place this WOULDN’T look cute.

Name one place this WOULDN’T look cute.

This is such an easy DIY that the only problem you’re going to have is deciding where to put it. Mantle? Tree? Drape it over a window or doorway? And during the other 11 months of the year, you could use this to hang photos from on a window or wall. This bad boy takes less than an hour to work up and you can make it in any color and length desired.

You’ll need:

  • yarn in color of choice

  • Darning needle

  • Hands!!

How to make pom pom garland:

  • Start by making your pom poms! I spaced mine out every 8-12” so decide how long your garland should be and then calculate how many you’ll need. There are a few different methods I’ve used to make these:

    • Using just your hands! Check out this pom pom how-to for a tutorial.

    • Using one of many available pom pom makers? Refer to my pom pom earring post to see how to use one via a video tutorial.

  • Once your pom poms are made, cut a long piece of yarn and using darning needle, thread through center of each pom pom, spacing out as desired.

  • Enjoy!

easy diy pom pom garland

Toodles, tlo

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