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Thrifty Thursday: Combat Boots

Thrifty Thursday: Combat Boots

Last week when Noah and I were in NYC we popped into a local Goodwill store (because thrifting is a lifestyle that doesn’t stop when you’re on vacation). This happened to be the same store where I scored the cutest leather Tory Burch boots last year, so my hopes were high for another great find. Noah’s hopes were high for a shirt deemed acceptable to wear to a Broadway play as he had elected only to pack graphic tees for unknown reasons.

We both found a few items and were checking out when my eyes landed on a pair of patent leather Doc Martens behind the counter. The hair on my arms stood up: it was happening.

Me: They’re my size!! Aren’t they fun? I’ve been wanting some of these!

Noah: LOL what?! There has never been anything less your style. Ever.

Me: These are very in fashion right now. And I’m an enigma- how dare you put me in a box??

Noah: Uh-huh. There is no way you can fit those in your luggage. I saw you sit on it to zip it when you were packing.

Me: Luckily you only packed graphic tees. *bats eyelashes and smiles sweetly*

And with that, the [very clunky, very heavy] boots were mine. I spent the rest of our trip pointing out every single person wearing combat boots (this was exhausting because as stated THEY ARE VERY MUCH IN FASHION, NOAH). And my sweet spouse still lugged them all the way home for me. #trueluv

The Outfit:

  • Boots: Doc Martens 1460 Combat Boot in black patent leather (retail for $125 new)

  • Cost: $25

  • Vintage: Not sure, but they don’t look that old. Probably just a few years old.

  • Clothing: vintage sweater and tulle skirt, also thrifted

  • Earrings: Kendra Scott

  • Hair: pink velvet ribbon from Hobby Lobby, a total throwback to my middle school days when I had themed ribbons for every occasion (soccer practice! A rainy day! Band concerts!). Please tell me I wasn’t alone.


Just in case my photos appear effortless and professional (HA), approximately 90% of them contain at least one dog and at least one boy. Today said photo bombers were particularly helpful:


Neighbor: [turns to look]

Me: [pretends I’m just standing in front of a tree enjoying the weather, as one does]

Doesn’t that kid know I have a BLOG TO RUN?!

Toodles, tlo

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