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DIY: Gold Feather Earrings

DIY: Gold Feather Earrings

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On the second day of Craftsmas our DIY will be:

  • two feather earrings, and

  • a warm, chunky arm-knit blankie (here!)


If you’ve been around long at all, you’ll know that I’m always on the hunt for large, festive, but light earrings after my earlobe reconstruction surgery last spring. Apparently my lobes are just weaklings- but these feather earrings make it a little less sad. And they took me FIVE MINUTES to assemble.

You’ll Need:


  1. Trim feather stems down so they are only as long as crimp (1/4” or less)

  2. Slide crimp onto short stem of feather

  3. Secure crimp to feather by pinching with needle nosed pliers

  4. Slip earring hook through hoop on end of crimp

Tah-Dah!! In 5 minutes and for $5, these are hard to beat. This was ALL half off at Hobby Lobby (*high fives self*).

Has there ever been an easier DIY? I think not.

Toodles! tlo

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