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DIY: Tic Tac Halloween Costume

DIY: Tic Tac Halloween Costume

Growing up, my mom made Halloween costumes for my sisters and me every year. Princess dresses, m&ms, pumpkins, crayons, tubes of toothpaste… her range was broad. There was the Halloween Travesty of 1997 when my mom would only let my sister be a ‘nice’ witch (no green face), which said sister still needs therapy for, but other than that mom rocked them all.

When it became clear that I was going to be a boy mom, I knew that my years getting to make their costumes were numbered… but I intend to enjoy it as long as they’ll let me.

When Theo was 2, I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween.

2-yo: a Tic Tac.

Me: What?

2-yo: a Tic Tac.

Me: … are you sure?

2-yo: Tic Tac.

He had chosen. So I got to work!


  • 2 flat Sterilite tubs

  • White Duct tape

  • 2 cans spray paint in the Tic-Tac color of your choice (we used orange)

  • ~5 dozen plastic Easter eggs

  • Ribbon for straps (I used 2” white satin ribbon, but you do you)

  • Labels (my pdf attached at bottom of post… or make your own!)

  • Scissors (an exacto knife might help for precise cuts on Duct tape)

Skills Required:

  • Basic scissor and spray painting skills.


  1. EGGS: Open up eggs and spray paint (or buy the color you want the Tic Tacs to be). It took me at least 2 coats. Let dry.

  2. LABELS: Print labels and cut out. Laminate at your closest print shop (Office Depot, etc.).

  3. STRAPS: Align tubs back to back (with lids facing each other).

    Method 1: when I made mine, I knotted each end of two ~12 inch piece and closed them between the lid and the tub (the knot won’t let it fall out). This worked fine but any time you open the tubs you have to re-position them.

    Method 2: poke holes on left and right side of top of both tubs for shoulder straps (holes of 2 tubs should line up). See photo below. Remove lids and thread one end of each white ribbon through front and back tubs to create shoulder straps. Tie knots to secure.

    tlo pro tip: I recommend cutting the ribbon too long so that you can untie the knot and lengthen it as needed- adjust until tubs fall at right height on costume wearer and then trim excess.

  4. TAPE:

    • Cover green lid clasps carefully with white duct tape (or alternatively, you can paint these white). If you get a different brand tub, you may have more or less to conceal than I did.

    • Cover top of each tub and top ~3 inches of each tub with white duct tape to look like Tic Tac lid. Wrap around tub and lid individually so that it will still open and close.

  5. Secure labels (front and back) to tubs using strong, clear tape. Hot glue could also work.

    Optional: I printed and laminated an extra sheet of solid orange to tape to the top of the tubs. See photos below. This sheet is included in the label pdf below.

  6. Close eggs and put half of eggs in each tub. Secure lids.

DON’T FORGET STEP 7! Dress toddler. Watch him burst into tears because he hates it and obviously wanted to be Paw Pacaw (Paw Patrol)


He keeps me humble.

Not to worry. He changed his mind again, as toddlers do. Sweetest little Tic Tac!


Time: Around 4 hours including spray painting and label work.

Cost: ~$30. I could have saved money on Easter eggs had I not been trying to buy them in October. As it turns out, they are quite seasonal. It would also save $5-$10 and some brain cells to buy the eggs in the right color and avoid needing to spray paint.

Final Verdict: I was pleasantly surprised how cute this turned out. He got so much attention trick-or-treating, and it was quite light and comfortable for him to wear.

Download the Tic Tac label pdf here! When you print it, just scale up or down to fit the tubs you’re using.

Toodles, tlo

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