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Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Dotted Romper

Thrifty Thursday: Vintage Dotted Romper

When this little number caught my eye on the Goodwill rack I was intrigued, but not sold. I am a sucker for dots to be sure, but it felt a little… school marm-ey. Just as I was reaching to put it back on the rack, something caught my eye.

Could it be?


As a clothing genre, rompers make no sense. Are they convenient? No. Can you make a round trip to the bathroom at work in less than 17 minutes due to the disrobing process? No. Is it cool to use a public restroom stark naked? No. I’m assured that it is not.

And here’s an unpopular opinion: rompers aren’t particularly flattering. On anyone. Unless you’re a Hadid sister, possibly. They really accentuate the belly region, even on very slender gals, and make your belly look extra poochy. And as anyone who is in my age/motherhood/body demographic knows, we need all the help hiding our pooches that we can get. I have a personal theory that I am actually in great shape, it’s just that after I had my children all of my organs promptly fell into the hole the baby left behind. So things like my pancreas, which before motherhood were tucked neatly in their proper places (near the kidney? above the gallbladder? no clue, tbh) are now just lounging in my womb-hole. As theories go, it’s airtight.

Anyway, regardless of all of the above, I just can’t quit rompers. I try them on EVERY time I see them. And then I poke my pooch. And then I sadly walk out without purchasing it, gazing forlornly at the plastic mannequin that somehow rocks it so hard. But THIS magical specimen is vintage, so that bought it some points, and it is also very flowy and forgiving. I spent the entire day karate kicking around the office lest anyone fail to notice I was wearing a romper. You know, as one does.


The Outfit

  • Brand: VUE

  • Cost: $5 (No idea why, but that’s what she rang up. It should have been $8.50. WINNING!)

  • Vintage: 1980s

  • Time: Just a quick wash and dry. It’s really flowy, so I wasn’t worried about it shrinking.

  • Accessories:

    • Yellow Kate Spade gumdrop earrings

    • Tory Burch Salinas Tassel Mules (Nordstrom Rack)

    • Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster bracelet

    • Yellow Goodwill belt

May you karate chop your way through the day as though you were showing off your bitchin’ romper.

Toodles, tlo

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