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Thrifty: Vintage Blue Sweatshirt Dress

Thrifty: Vintage Blue Sweatshirt Dress

The tragic photo shoots continue.

Me: Can you please take my picture while we're at the park?

Also me: What do I dooooo? Where do I stand?!

Noah: In front of the pergola.

Me: *Skeptical, but doesn't have better idea* OK. How do I... what should I... *strikes pose*

Noah: Don't do that. Turn your legs... sideways? But your torso... forward?

This is why God made filters.


The Outfit

As I mentioned in a previous post about the blue sundress I recently bought, I’ve been looking to add to my casual dress collection this summer. Last week, I found this number and, BONUS: it’s vintage. It looks like something you could buy at American Apparel, it’s super comfortable, the color is great, and it’s a little longer than most sundresses. The last feature is nice when you live in Oklahoma where the wind regularly comes sweeping down the plain... and up your skirt.

Brand: Avon Fashion

Price: $8

Vintage: I'm guessing 1980s

Time Required: I washed it. AND dried it.

Accessories: shoes are from Old Navy and earrings are Bauble Bar for Target


You can read more about my affinity for thrifted clothes here.

Toodles! TLO

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