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DIY: Crocheted Tractor Gift

DIY: Crocheted Tractor Gift

As I mentioned in the DIY: Crocheted Tractor Gift post, I've been excited about the opportunity to crochet another little truck toy. Our youngest nephew turns 1 in a few weeks, so I thought he may like a toy similar to his brother's.

I seriously love these patterns by Uri on Ravelry. Her designs are so cute and easy. You crochet the body of the tractor in 6 separate pieces and then stitch them all together- the only slightly hard part is switching colors for the windows. If that give you trouble, you could even crochet the entire piece in solid green and then crochet separate windows in white to stitch on top. That would be pretty cute, too.

Here are the yarns I used (Hobby Lobby):


Here are the separate pieces:


And voila!


Finally, I thought this little tractor needed a wagon to pull behind it! It's a little wonky... but most 1-year-olds I know are pretty forgiving.


And what's a toddler gift without a few fun books and a big bow? This time I went with Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast and Giraffe's Can't Dance.


Toodles! TLO

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