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Thrifty Thursday: Sailor Inspired Vintage Dress

Thrifty Thursday: Sailor Inspired Vintage Dress

Ahoy! It’s thrifty Thursday all day today, and I’m celebrating in my best nautical wear. I am not sure I’ve ever successfully walked past a vintage pleated dress at Goodwill, and I’m not sure I ever will. I also love the print, color, and lightness of this dress, even if it does have a collar large enough to double as a flotation device. Or handkerchief. Or possibly even hand towel.

Me: Is this dress ‘cute’ weird, or ‘weird even for Lindsey’ weird?

Noah: You look like you should be teaching Sunday school.

He never really answered my question, but whatever. It’s not like I was going to change, anyway.

Collar for days

Collar for days

The Outfit:

  • Brand: Kathy ‘J’

    • I found a few other dresses in this brand for sale online for up to $60!

  • Cost: $8.35

  • Vintage: 1970s

  • Time: so far I’ve just removed the shoulder pads and washed it, but it is fairly baggy so I think I may attempt to take it in a bit before I wear it again. It would also be fairly easy to remove the collar and convert this to a V-neck dress, but I can’t decide if that’s the way I want to go.

  • Accessories:

    • Shoes: BCBG cut-out heels in red

    • Earrings: Baublebar


I hope you have a lovely day!

Toodles, tlo

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