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Thrifty Thursday: Plaid Ruffled Maxi Dress

Thrifty Thursday: Plaid Ruffled Maxi Dress

Last weekend was our annual company holiday party, and I’ve been saving this bad boy for months just for this event. When I saw this on the rack at Goodwill, I immediately loved the tartan print and ruffle combo with my whole heart. And while this is decidedly a solid 90’s piece, tartan is actually extremely ‘in’ this year:

JCrew has 120 (??!) items that show up when you search tartan, from luggage tags to bras (lol) to loafers to hair ties:

And I found this little number on Anthro for $148 big ones:

So somehow by accident I ended up in this semi-hip dress, although I’d like to go on the record confirming that I would have loved, purchased, and rocked this dress either way.

I deliberated for a while regarding the shirt to wear underneath. I originally planned to wear a turtleneck, which I surprisingly struggled to find (FYI, Target girls section FTW), but ultimately decided on a white tube top. The turtleneck was just… frumpy (I know you’re shocked). It was too conservative, even for an American Girl doll.

Disclaimer: The lighting in the event center was less than ideal for my modeling sesh, so this is the best we’ve got. Sowwy.

The Outfit:

  • Brand: No tag. I half suspect this was hand-made.

  • Vintage: It’s gotta be from the 90’s

  • Best feature: POCKETS!!

  • Cost: $7

  • Fabric: 100% this was made from a disposable table cloth. Ironing it was a real trip, and Noah asked me if I was going to a picnic. It feels like 50% plastic, 50% Yogi Bear.

  • Accessories: fun new glitter heels from Old Navy, large gold bangle from Target, tortoise shell bangle from Hobby Lobby, and my newest Kendra Scott birthday month purchase (Thora Gold Hoop Earring).

It was a fun night with good friends and some good card hands. :)

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