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DIY: Embellished Anthropologie Turban Headwarmer + Giveaway!

DIY: Embellished Anthropologie Turban Headwarmer + Giveaway!

It’s time for another DIY pattern and giveaway! Anthropologie’s fall headwear line is a veritable smorgasbord of projects just asking to be knit. Case in point: this turban-style headwarmer for a reasonable $48. I loved it so much, I made two.

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DIY Turban Style Ear Warmer Vintage Free Pattern Knit How-To

You’ll need:

Skills Required:

  • Medium knitting ability (if you can cast on/bind off, knit, purl, and work in the round, you can do this!)

  • Basic needle and thread skills (to attach embellishment)- or buy a brooch and avoid this entirely!


  • Using a LOOSE cast-on method (if you cast on too tight, it won’t stretch over your head. Or so I hear…), cast on 48 stitches and join in the round, being careful not to twist (or so I hear…).

  • Round 1: knit

  • Rounds 2-4: purl

  • Rounds 5-6: knit

  • Rounds 7-9: purl

  • Rounds 10-11: knit

  • Rounds 12-14: purl

  • Rounds 15-16: knit

  • Rounds 17-19: purl

  • Rounds 20-21: knit

  • Rounds 22-24: purl

  • Round 25: bind off knit-wise (again, very loosely). Leave long tail.

  • Using darning needle and long tail, stitch through turban from top to bottom (see photo 3) and pull tight to cinch. OR… you can simply wrap yarn tail tightly around headwarmer to cinch turban. Tie off and hide tails.

  • Cut elastic off of embellishment and get ready to stitch to headband (the work required will depend on the embellishment you’ve chosen).

  • Using needle and thread, stitch embellishment on to headband. If it is wide like mine, you’ll want to stretch the headband out a little from side to side to stitch it on. If you don’t, it may pull in a wonky way when you wear it. If stitching isn’t your thing, fabric glue would probably work, too.

    tlo pro-tip: one way to do this is to pin the embellishment to the headband in the center of the embellishment, put the headwarmer on, and then see where the left and right sides of the embellishment need to be on the headwarmer when it is on your head. Then stitch it on accordingly.

Project Overview:

Time: This took about 2 hours (1.5 hours to knit and another 1/2 hour to stitch on embellishment).


  • Yarn: $4 with 30% off discount = ~$3 (and I only used 1/2 of one skein)

  • Embellishment: $15 with 50% off discount = $7.50

  • Thread, needle, and knitting needles: I already had them

  • Total: $10.50 ($37.50 savings!)

tlo pro-tip: For an even simpler embellishment, simply clip on a brooch or pin and you’re done! I couldn’t resist this emerald brooch, so I made another one which is modeled below by the lovely Berly mainly because she took it and won’t give it back.

This brooch was only $2.50 (half off) and the yarn was only $3.15 (30% off) so all in, this guy set me back a whopping $5.65.

PSA: Hobby Lobby sells the cutest, quirkiest brooches. This end cap is where I found Foxy, the adorable fox brooch I wore recently. There’s a parrot and a flamingo and ruby red lips… so fun. The options are endless.


Toodles, tlo

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