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DIY: Heart Elbow Patch Sweater

DIY: Heart Elbow Patch Sweater

I saw the cutest little sweater online with red, heart-shaped elbow patches and knew it was a DIY waiting to happen. There are certain projects that give me a perfect excuse for a trip to Goodwill (who’s kidding- like I need an excuse)… and this is one! Sweaters are just $5 and they always have a million to choose from.


You’ll Need:

  • Sweater (I wanted a plain sweater in a neutral color… but a patterned or brightly colored one would be cute, too!)

  • Red felt (or color of your choice)- I planned on using plain red but then my eyes locked with this glittery red felt and my felt fate was sealed. If I did another one, I’d probably do plain felt because the glittery stuff is a little stiff.

  • Red thread (matching felt)

  • Scissors/marker/sewing machine

Skills Required:

  • Very basic sewing skills (machine OR needle and thread)

*tlo pro-tip: for an even easier project, you can buy heart-shaped iron-on patches at Hobby Lobby (or plain red patch material at many craft stores which you can cut into a heart)- and then just iron on! Here are a few ideas:



Step 1: wash and dry sweater. Because… #Goodwill.

Step 2: draw a heart to your liking and cut 2 out of felt.

tlo pro-tip: you don’t have to use felt, but it offers the benefit of not needing to be hemmed as raw edges won’t fray. If you use a material that will fray, either serge stitch all the way around it, or hem all the way around it (would be tricky in the shape of a heart, I think)

Step 3: pin elbow patches on elbows where you want them (I had to mark the right spot with it on my body)

Step 4: Carefully sew (with needle/thread, or sewing machine) around perimeter of heart, being sure not to sew through both layers of sleeve like I did the first time

Step 5: Rock totes adorbs sweater like it’s your job! And wash on delicate to prevent felt from pilling/shrinking.


Toodles! tlo

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