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DIY: Custom Mantra Denim Jacket

DIY: Custom Mantra Denim Jacket

Wouldn’t life be better if everyone had a fun personal mantra? I think yes. I recently had an epiphany about mine, which I promptly and proudly declared to my group at work.

Me: I’m devastated to have realized too late that my blog name could have been knitty by nature.

Engineer 1: …

Engineer 2: …

Me: Guys. Like the rap group. Naughty by Nature.

Engineer 1: …

Engineer 2: …

Me: You’re both fired.

So I didn’t really fire them, but I did point out that clearly the education system failed them and that FYI they are only 5 years younger than me. We then googled Naughty by Nature and listened to clips of their best songs, because I am a Good Boss who is concerned about both the professional and personal development of my employees.

Also, in hindsight this is perhaps not the best thing to google on a work computer but let the record show that it was an emergency.

Oh, and by the way- good news, bad news re: knitty by nature. Somebody quicker than me already uses that name so I was too late, anyway. But that won’t stop me from declaring this my mantra and spray painting it on the back of a slick jean jacket.

Want to make one for yourself? Keep reading!

IMG_5872.JDIY Knitty by nature mantra painted mantra jacketPG

You’ll need:

  • Denim jacket (might I suggest Goodwill?? Less than $10!)

  • Large letter stickers (Hobby Lobby… your 40% coupon will come in handy)

  • 1 can spray paint (I used Rustoleum in Rose Gold from Home Depot)


Step 1: apply stickers to back of jacket spelling out desired mantra

Step 2: spray paint around stickers until fully covered

Step 3: allow paint to dry thoroughly

Step 4: peel off stickers, and voila! Your very own mantra jacket.

Step 5: make a serious statement.

This project cost me $7 (I already had stickers and paint) and took 10 minutes (not counting drying time). Quick and easy is an understatement!

DIY Knitty by nature mantra painted mantra jacket

What’s your mantra? I’d love to know what it is!!

Toodles, tlo

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