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Thrifty: Striped Off-Shoulder Top

Thrifty: Striped Off-Shoulder Top

This lovely shot was taken in the front yard of one of our rental properties on the way to a double date. We had to swing by to lock it up and I couldn't resist the beautiful pink flowers (bougainvillea?). It's the ultimate slap in the face to this wanna-be plant lady who can keep NOTHING alive (Cactuses? I've killed them) that this plant in the yard of a dilapidated and uninhabited fixer-upper is living its best life. It is not 1)fed plant food, 2)trimmed back, or 3)EVER WATERED. And it's flaunting itself at me.

Anyway. I feel like I need to explain why it looks like this photo was taken by a drone.

Me: Will you please take my picture? Take it from a downward angle. You know, to minimize the 'chins' situation. I heard that's what you do in lieu of exercise and a healthy diet.

Husband: [takes photo, but his heart's not in it, tbh]

Technically he did take it from a downward angle... just a very steep one. I will say my chins look great. 


The Outfit

I found this cute little top at Goodwill and Lord knows I'm a sucker for black and white. Approximately 1/2 of my wardrobe is black, white, or black and white. While most of the off-shoulder tops I have slip and slide all over the place, this one stays in place really well, and has fun flared sleeves. I'm a fan.

Cost: $5

Brand: DO+BE

Time: Wash and iron (booooooooo)

Accessories: jean shorts from Old Navy, fringe sandals from JCPenney, earrings from H&M

Toodles! TLO

Kids: Funnies

Kids: Funnies

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Work: Goodbyes