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Kids: Donut Love

Kids: Donut Love

A few weeks ago I took the boys to the grand opening of a park near our house that was recently renovated- there's really no way to go wrong with a playground, free donuts, and live kid music. Little did I know that Max would steal the show and totally crush his newspaper debut!

Two days later, Noah's grandmother texted him a picture from the newspaper.

"Oh, Look! We made the paper!"


"Max was really into that donut."


"Actually, what is he doing?"


"OK. Max is making out with a donut. In the newspaper. Cool."


We have gotten more laughs out of this photo, and you better believe this one will be put in safekeeping for the senior yearbook/wedding slideshow/general blackmail. We love our wild & crazy boy.

Toodles! TLO

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